Friday, 17 August 2012

Download Youtube Videos on Mobile!

We usually download Youtube videos only on PC using either Youtube downloader or through IDM.
But we find no option to download youtube videos on mobile especially on java mobiles.
Here is the trick to download Youtube videos on mobile and also on PC without using IDM or Youtube downloader.

Follow the Given steps to download the video from Youtube  on  Mobile

  1. Goto the desired Video page on Youtube
  2. Bookmark that page
  3. Add "ss" (without quotes) instead of "www." or "m."
  4. Load that Bookmark
  5. It will redirect to  website
  6. There you can see options for download in Various formats such as flv, mp4, 3gp etc.

Follow the same procedure to download  Youtube Videos on Mozilla Firefox, IE or any other browsers of your choice PC. In PC you can eliminate Bookmarking the page by simply editing the url in the address bar itself.

For example to download 'why this kolaveri song' the url in PC is


and in Mobile it is


Now you can download this video either in Mobile or PC just by replacing 'www.' or 'm.' by 'ss'

so now the URL in either case will be


click that link then u will goto where u will get Download link.

Following Images Depicts it Well

Step 1:

[click to enlarge]

Step 2:

[click to enlarge]

Step 3:

[click to enlarge]

Download and Enjoy!!!!

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