Sunday, 21 October 2012

Download Torrent Files through IDM or Mobile!

Most of the people around the globe use utorrent ot bit torrent client to download torrent files. The major disadvantage of using them is you cannot get fair download speed. To get good speed you may need to install torrent turbo booster or some other softwares which may increase your expense. Those things are not needed now a days. Here iam sharing a Website using that you can download Torrent files through IDM or Mobile without installing slow speed utorrent or Bittorrent softwares.

The website is It is a online Bit torrent client allowing you to download torrent files through Web browser or Internet Download Manager, even through mobile. For this you need web browser and Internet connection. For this you need to sign up for the website and you can download files by simply putting the torrent link in the download field. Detailed steps are given below.

1.Simple Sign up Page for
2.Encircled field is used to paste Torrent link

You should follow simple steps to do it

  1. First goto and register as a free user.(Refer Pic 1)
  2. Go to the torrent site where the file is located.
  3. Copy the torrent file location(link) by right clicking on it or download the .torrent file. Use can also copy the magnetic link location.
  4. Now go to and log in with your user name and password.
  5. In the top of the site you will see the field where you can Paste your torrent link or magnetic link. (Refer Pic 2)
  6. If you dont have torrent or magnetic link you can use an option to upload the .torrent file. 
  7. Then click "Go".
  8. Now it ask for Free or Premium access. Select Free member access.
  9. Now the file will start caching. The caching speed varies depending on the popularity of the torrent.
  10. After completion of caching you can download the whole file as .zip format. You can also download individual file with in the torrent file.
  11. Again it ask for Free or Premium member access. Select Free member access.
  12. If you have IDM installed in your system it will automatically catches the download.
  13. Now you can download torrent files at faster speed compared to Torrent client softwares!!

 In mobile all the steps are same compared to computer except after clicking "Go" button you need to refresh your page while the file is caching to get the download link for the torrent file.

Enjoy Downloading !!!!!

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