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Install .Net Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 offline

Install .net framework 3.5 on windows

Windows 8 is really fast and fluid to work with.  Most of the applications which work with Windows 7 also supports windows 8. But the problem arises when we need to install applications which needs .net Framework 3.5(includes .net 3.0, .net 2.0) support. By default .Net Framework 4.5 (includes .net 4.0)  is enabled in Windows 8. However .net framework 3.5 is not automatically enabled. It should be installed manually when demand arises. However there is no readymade application that installs .net Framework 3.5 on Double click. It should be done through Windows Features. Installation could be done either online or offline.

 Note: When you are upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 .Net Framework 3.5 is automatically enabled. 
Whenever you try to install applications that require .net framework 3.5, it usually fails by displaying the window shown above. If you click on "Install this feature" it connects with Windows update and automatically downloads installation files required for .Net Framework 3.5 and installs it. That's quite easy way when you have high speed internet connection. What if you don't have internet connection or have low speed internet connection since it has to download around 200 MB of installation files. In such cases you need to install .Net framework 3.5 offline which is explained below.

Enable .Net Framework 3.5 Online

1.  Just go to Start->Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn on Windows features on or off
Install .net framework 3.5 on windows

2. Check the first box in the window showing .NET Framework 3.5(includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0).
Install .net framework 3.5 on windows

3. A new window appears from which you have to select Download Files From Windows Update.
Install .net framework 3.5 on windows

4. It automatically downloads the required files for installation of .Net Framework 3.5 and installs it. Then restart the computer to finish the installation. Now you can see that .Net  Framework 3.5 is enabled in Turn Windows features on or off.
Install .net framework 3.5 on windows

Enable .Net Framework 3.5 Offline
You can use offline installation when you have low speed or no internet connection. In this case you need the installation media from which you have installed Windows 8. It may be either .iso file or Windows 8 DVD installation Media. In either case just open the .iso file or DVD. There you will see a folder named 'sources'. This folder contains the files necessary for installation of .Net Framework 3.5. All you have to do is copy the 'sources' folder to C drive of the hard disk (any other drive can also be used). Now the sources folder will be located at "C:\sources" (If you have copied sources folder to any other drive just replace 'C' with the particular drive). Then do the following steps to install the .Net Framework 3.5.

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt as admin. Just press <Windows button> + X and select Command Prompt(Admin).
Install .net framework 3.5 on windows
Step 2: Type the following command in the command prompt,
DISM.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /source:C:\sources \sxs /LimitAccess
Note:Replace C with the drive you have copied the 'sources' folder. In the screenshot below I have used D drive.
Install .net framework 3.5 on windows

Step 3: That's it. Restart the computer and you can see .Net Framework 3.5 enabled in Turn Windows features on or off.

In some cases you may end up with some errors. In such cases use this troubleshooting guide provided by Microsoft.

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