Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tata Megapixel - A car concept giving 100 Kmpl mileage...!

Top view of Tata Megapixel with its Doors open

At this time we are facing acute rise in price of the petrol. In future fuel conservation will become imperative across the world. So people will tend to buy only fuel efficient vehicles in near future. Fore looking that Tata Motors is aiming to make a car that consume only One litre per 100 Km.Tata Motors which surprised world by launching Tata Nano "The one Lakh car", has unveiled at the '2012 Geneva Motor show'  the City electric car concept "Tata Megapixel" earlier in the month of March of this year. It is specifically designed for International Markets.

This car is expected to hit the market around 2015. The cost of the car during its release is expected to be approximately Rs. 4,00,000. It uses the concept of global Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) which uses both electricity and gasoline(Petrol) to power the engine. In this new technology electricity is used as fuel for most of the parts while gasoline(Petrol) is used to recharge the battery. It is said to offer a range of 900 Km with a single tank of fuel and with fuel economy
of 100 Km/litre.

Apart from its fuel efficiency it is claimed to be more Eco-friendly since it emits only 22 gm of CO2(Carbon di Oxide) per Kilometre. This makes it to be one of the most carbon conscious car in the world.


Zero Turn is one of the most striking features of Megapixel. Its Zero Turn electric drive system has four electric motors one at each wheel which helps in achieving the shortest turning radius of 2.8 meters. It makes parking of car easier and also makes it suitable for driving in highly congested cities.

Double sliding Door
In addition Megapixel has Double sliding door system making entry and exit easier. The roof of the car is designed as a panoramic window. It is designed with unique theme and color making it to look more stylish.

Megapixel Interior showing Large Touch Screen

It also has a large touch screen which provides Advanced Human Machine Interface(HMI). It also has a docking point to connect Smart phone.Thus by using Touch based HMI you can control your smart phone as well as various functions of car such as Ventilation, Temperature and Driving Mode.


It has a simple At-home charging system. To charge the Battery you simply need to park the car over a Induction Pad.

Picture showing Induction pad

Megapixel parked over Induction pad

 Features of Tata Megapixel:
  • Mileage of 100 Kmpl.
  • Offer a range of 900 Km with a single tank of fuel
  • Has petrol engine.
  • It is powered by 13 Kwh Lithium ion phosphate battery which is recharged by 325cc single cylinder petrol generator.
  • Shortest turning radius of 2.8 metres.
  • Dimension:  Length: 3.5 metre, Width: 1.67 metre, Height: 1.4 metre     
  • Emits only 22 gms of CO2 per Kilometer.
  • Sliding door system.
  • Touch based Human Machine Interface(HMI).
  • Has seating capacity of Four with Luggages.
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